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Is a work in progress picked by FAEN to exhibit at Atelier Nord (Oslo, NO) october-November 2019 and at Meta.Morf festival march 2020. The work investigates scenography as assembly and digital hybrid ecology.

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Project leader Norwegian BioArt Arena

Currently holding position of project leader at NOBA, developing it into a network and hub for Bio-related art and Design. NOBA is a project by Vitenparken Campus Ås, Norway.

Samtid, a part of Entanglements by Performance Art Oslo Steilene

An interactive performance piece about what makes a space into a place, and the differences it makes by which maps you use to orient yourself. Taking inspiration from the difference of googlemaps that often tell you were the closest business is, and the maps of artsdatabanken.no (Norwegian BioDiversity Information Centre) which tells you about which (and the status of) plants and animals that are already occupying the space you are in. What happens when you get to know the island Storsteilene by the redlisted, blacklisted and unknown species that occupy it?

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cocreat:e:ures(2018) was an aesthetic experiment and scenography exploring Donna Haraway’s Oddkin and circular economy through trans-species co-creation.

Photo by Annike Flo


The film explores ecosexuality and the relationship between the dying human body and landscape in a post apocalyptic world. (2017)

Photo by Annike Flo

Photo by Sara Evelyn Brown

Photo by Sara Evelyn Brown


An exploration into the Other and co-creation with strangers. Bobby was developed over 2 weeks at Deichmanske Library Tøyen in precarious interactions with the Library’s users.

Photo by Annike Flo

Photo by Annike Flo


Site specific piece inserting itself into the crumbling architecture of the Fredrikstad shipyard, FM. The piece led a walkabout audience to the sea, and let them see and hear what is underneath the surface. CC: was a part of Night Sea Journey interacting with legendary Circus Cirkörs acts by the sea. A collaboration with Anne Cecilie Lie.