Photo by Al Overdrive



October 2019-April 2020: Cocreat:e:ures (2019). A new iteration of cocreat:e:ures focusing on creating Hybrid Digital Ecosystems for FAEN (Female Artistic Experiments Norway) to be displayed at Atelier Nord (oct-nov 2019) and Meta.Morf (2020)

January- August 2019: Project coordinator at Norwegian BioArt Arena (NOBA) at Vitenparken Campus Ås


Through her practice Annike Flo investigates what it means to create in the proposed age of the Anthropocene. Flo works with themes of agency, our imagined nature-culture divide and relationship to non-human beings from a scenographic perspective. By bringing others who do their own wording into staged spatial events her work plays with the fusing of reality and performance.

Annike holds an MA in scenography from the Norwegian Theatre Academy (2018) and a BA in costume for performance from London College of Fashion, University of the Arts (2010). After graduating from LCF she specialised in design for immersive and participatory theatre, which she brings into her current artistic practice.



April 02 2019: Organiser Thinking Through Matter: BioArt in a contemporary Norwegian Context, for Norwegian BioArt Arena (NOBA) and Vitenparken Campus Ås.

January 2019: Multispecies Storytelling in Intermedial Practices, Linnæus University, Växjö, Sweden. Presentation of scenographic work cocreat:e:ures(2018) through paper and moving image.


December 2018: Graduating from Scenography MA, Norwegian Theatre Academy

July-October 2018: Cocreat:e:ures runs for 50 days at Vitenparken Campus Ås

May 2018: Co-organiser of Symposium Politics of Space, Norwegian Theatre Academy.

March 2018: Bobby at Deichmanske Library Tøyen

March 2018: Co-organiser of Womensday and travelling exhibition Between the Lines at Østfold University College


December 2017: Co-organiser of - and presenter at Seminar Tentacular Thinking, Norwegian Theatre Academy

October 2017: Group performance MASHGAL, Meteor Festival, Bergen, Norway

August 2017: CC at Night Sea Journey, Fredrikstad, Norway. In collaboration with Anne Cecilie Lie.

January: Starts MA in Scenography Norwegian Theatre Academy.