However, none of the essays attempts to tackle the complex nature of the role of dress within and outside the theatre and the relevance of both to the understanding of why and how the world of the theatre offers a largely unexplored perspective on fashion and the construction of individual identity"
— Valerie Cumming in “Understanding Fashion History”

books books books...

Everytime I got some time off I go mad in the books section on amazon…

One of my latest reads is “Understanding fashion history” by Valerie Cumming.

I’m definitely missing the academic side of costume after finishing Uni and was looking into doing courses in dress history.However a master is too much and other classes seem to be on a beginner level. So I got another book and started reading. Little did I know that my branch of costume is so cut off from the academic side of dress history or fashion history. This book is a wonderful introduction to this if you, like me, has had your blinkers on and didn’t realize there are two pretty distinct camps in the study of dress (apparantly?). It picks apart the different strands of  dress /fashion history such as defining dress, dress as art to collecting dress and many other subjects.

However this is not the best about this book to me: there is a wonderful chapter on theatrical dress in relation to dress history which I haven’t really come accross before. Pretty inspirational read. I wish this chapter was included in our 1st year of cultural studies which at times seemed pretty cut off from the rest of our studies (costume for performance).