Greenwich + Docklands International Festival

       As mentioned the Greenwich + Docklands international festival was on this weekend.I made my way down to Greenwich Saturday morning and guess what…IT WAS SUNNY! which made it a truly wonderful day….and the festival also functioned as a little bandage on my bleeding “I can’t go to Prague for the Prague Quadrennial”-wound.

For Being a free festival I was super impressed by many of the performances and there was definitely some wowwwwww moments in there! Sadly I missed all of the “Dancing city” performances as they were in Canary Wharf and I decided to stay in Greenwich as there was enough to get through on that side of the river. Dancing city is on again Saturday 2nd  of July (oh I wish it was on all week…amazing dances surrounding city workers rushing to meetings!) so catch it if you can.

The two performances that I really enjoyed was  All That Is Solid Melts Into Air by Tangled Feet (more about this another day) and “As the world tipped

“As the world tipped”, was an aerial show performed by wired aerial theatre concerning ecological crisis. Being described as a “real life disaster movie performed live in the night sky!” It was definitely the most spectacular performance and by the looks of it the one with the biggest budget.

The Performance mixed projection and dance in such a clever way I don’t think anyone in the audience could say they weren’t sucked into the performance at some point… For me the most magical moment was the transformation from the stage being a stage to becoming a screen for projection( I was literally terrified by the sight of the dancers desperately holding onto the top of the stage, and the sheer size and weight of the stage being lifted off the ground  and hovering over us), and the performers wild running and tumbling  through a text  (probably concerning ecological crisis but I didn’t manage to catch it). At some points it got a bit repetitive, maybe from an aerial point of view the choreography could seem boring. However  I think the sacrifice of  a more dance like choreography and a focus on  the interaction between the dancers and the projections  made the images seem  like more than just images, and the realism the piece sometimes obtained  really had an impact of the viewer.

You can still catch this show in Liverpool, at the Stockton International Riverside Festival, in Manchester, Kendal and Warwick later this summer.

You can see a 5 min clip of the performance here