At a recent show I was posed the question, 'Is art necessary?'


The nature of the universe is playful and creative. There is no reason for life to be born, evolve and die over and over again other than the fact that it is fun. 

Likewise, every child is born creative and playful, it is in our nature. So is art an extra curriculum? Is it necessary? No, it’s not but then neither is life.

Devaluing art is devaluing self.

I like this. However Art has always been one of the 3 words I dislike because people put so many different meanings into it. Love and Beauty is the two others. I’ve chosen not to believe in any of these words. I don’t want to tie things down to these words. If I feel like somehting is Art, Love or Beauty its beyond what these words can describe. I’d rather experience than trying to define.