Article on punchdrunk's"...And darkness descended "

Snippet relating to the playstation launch we just did with punchdrunk by The Evening Standard article

During the London riots, Barrett felt ‘a real crackle in the air. In a way I kind of appreciated the fact that everything splintered for a moment and the deeply protective world was suddenly challenged. It’s strange how it can wash over a city and crescendo like that and then burn out.’ What could have helped prevent the riots? 'If you look at some of the very safe-feeling places in the world like Japan, they have very good release valves. Every high street has a little arcade with experiential run-throughs called walks of terror, a bit like our haunted houses.’

These 'walks of terror’ inspired Barrett’s latest show …And Darkness Descended, an over-18 collaboration with PlayStation running in the vaults under Waterloo for four nights (1-4 September). He loves to send his audiences unguided into darkness. 'We don’t give people a map, or tell them to mind their heads. What we do is empower the audience, so they’re forced to make their own decisions and trust their instincts as well as their thinking, cerebral side.’ Backstage, they use the language of film to structure a show. 'Bizarrely, we talk about "wide shots” and “close-ups”, so there are moments when it’s just about the flutter of an eyelid or the sound of someone breathing, and then it’s back to the wide shots which are about synchronicity and bringing the whole show to a crescendo.’ Throughout, 'there has to be a frisson of danger; the sense you could get it wrong or that you have to work at it to get it’